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Centers for Family Medicine

Our 14-site Federally Qualified Health Center, commonly referred to as an FQHC, is working to meet the health care needs of both our patients and the communities where they live and work. Our sites include Carbondale, Decatur, Quincy, Springfield and many other communities across central and southern Illinois. The SIU Centers for Family Medicine and General Internal Medicine serve all the health care needs of our patients and our communities in a compassionate and affordable environment. We do this by staying focused on our vision of providing compassionate quality health services and leading health care education. 

Patient Care

Devoted to comprehensive health care for all

Family Medicine covers a broad spectrum of care for all ages, all genders, and every kind of disease. We do this with a wide offering of treatments and specialty clinics for all patients. In addition, our FQHC status enables us to offer special programs for low-income and uninsured patients. We offer expert, convenient care to entire families, regardless of their ability to pay. Click here to see all of our locations in Illinois. 

Some of our clinics include: 

  • Kids Health Harbor Clinic
  • Medication-Assisted Recovery Clinic 
  • Survivor Recovery Clinic 
Family Medicine building in Springfield
SIU Center for Family Medicine Springfield

Expanding teaching and learning

FCM has graduated more than 900 family physicians, half of whom practice in Illinois and more than 40% practice in state and federal health care shortage areas since 2021. Teaching the next generation of family medicine physicians keeps Dr. Janet Albers inspired and optimistic about the future. When she became chair in 2014, four SIU students went into family medicine. It has gradually increased under her leadership, with 12 SIU grads joining in each of the last two years.

“Teaching is so important. We wanted to provide interprofessional training and great experiential learning in population health so our new doctors can go out and recreate similar models of care, provide wraparound services and work in FQHCs,” said Albers. All of SIU’s family medicine residency programs are now located within FQHC sites — a potent recruitment tool.

What is a Federally Qualified Health Center

We're here to help

Financial Assistance
Patients with FQHC providers can work with a financial counselor to determine eligibility for financial assistance. Discounts are available for those who qualify.

Medication Assistance
Patients with FQHC providers can receive medication assistance with local participating pharmacies at a reduced rate if they qualify for our 340B Federal Drug Pricing Program.

Research labs

Latest news

Centrum Building

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Advocating for Amber

Community health worker Nicol Moore met Amber Hinkle, 41, during a 2021 neighborhood celebration in Comer Cox Park. Amber had chronic leg pain and had become discouraged with her physician. “I’d bring

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