Family Medicine covers a broad spectrum of care for all ages, all genders, and every kind of disease. Your provider will coordinate your care and serve as your advocate in all health-related matters, and referrals to specialists, as well as consult community resources.


    In addition to comprehensive care for all ages, our office provides many specialty services for our patients.

    Treatments and Procedures Include:

    •    Acupuncture
    •    Callus shaving
    •    Cervical polyp treatment
    •    Circumcisions
    •    Colposcopy
    •    Continuous glucose monitoring
    •    Cryotherapy
    •    Cupping
    •    Cyst removal
    •    Endometrial biopsy
    •    Foreign body removal
    •    Nexplanon insertion & removal
    •    Incision & drainage treatment
    •    Ingrown toenail removal
    •    IUD insertions & removal
    •    Join injections
    •    Laceration repair
    •    Skin lesion removal
    •    Osteopathic manipulation treatments
    •    Planter fasciitis treatments
    •    Shave, punch or incision biopsies
    •    Skin lesion removal
    •    Skin tag removal
    •    Ultrasounds
    •    Wart removal
    •    Wound care & management

    If you are hospitalized, our physicians will provide and coordinate your care during your stay in HSHS St. Johns or Memorial Medical Center.

    A federally qualified health center

    • We offer expert, convenient care to entire families, regardless of their ability to pay.

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    Family Medicine Clinics

    The goal of the SIU Center for Family Medicine Geriatric Program is to optimize the health of the older adults in Central and Southern Illinois through excellent patient care, education, service to the community and research.

    The SIU Center for Family Medicine Geriatric Program will become a national model for excellence as a regionally focused, community-based center developed on the following principles:
    •    Promotion of healthy aging
    •    Maintenance of the dignity and independence of older adults
    •    Utilization of interdisciplinary teams of health care providers specializing in the care of older adults
    •    Coordination longitudinally of care by dedicated case managers
    •    Integration of cutting edge methodology and research
    •    Development of future geriatricians via the training of students, residents and fellows
    •    Development of future health care providers with the expertise necessary to treat older patients with skill, sensitivity and respect and
    •    Ensure the quality of care for older adults continues to improve


    The SIU Center for Family Medicine Geriatric Program specializes in the unique care needs of individuals age 60+ and in treating conditions that commonly occur with aging. We focus on the physical, psychological and social needs, as well as treatments of older adults.
    As our bodies age, our health care needs change. We use an interdisciplinary team approach to meet the complex needs of older adults. Our geriatric care team includes specially trained doctors and nurses, social workers, behavioral health, case managers, pharmacists, dieticians and an advance-care planning specialist providing excellent care for older adults. The care team is compassionately committed to assisting patients, family members and caregivers to optimize function, maintain health and ensure the highest quality of life. We develop care plans with tailored interventions to meet each individual’s situation to keep individuals as healthy, active and independent as possible in the years ahead.


    The SIU Center for Family Medicine Clinic Geriatric Program offers a broad range of comprehensive services including but not limed to:
    •    Primary care
    •    Complex medical management,
    •    Annual Medicare Wellness Visits
    •    Memory & Cognitive evaluations
    •    Walking/gait disorders
    •    Imbalance and falls
    •    Frailty Assessments
    •    Muscular skeletal medicine
    •    Poly Pharmacy
    •    Wound Care
    •    Care of the homebound patient
    •    Advance Care Planning
    •    Palliative Care
    •    Case Management

    We are committed to our patients and continue to follow them as they transition through various levels of care. We provide services in the office, patient homes, hospitals, rehabilitation units, assisted living facilities, memory care facilities, long-term care facilities, as well as telehealth visits.

    Integrative medicine uses conventional and unconventional medicine, together to address the patient as a whole person.

    At SIU Medicine, integrative medicine includes acupuncture, botanical and herbal medicine, cold laser therapy, cupping, dietary counseling, auricular (ear) acupuncture, electrical stimulation (e-stim, emotional freedom technique (EFT, tapping), exercise consultation, food as medicine counseling, food sensitivity testing, functional medicine, generic testing, gua sha (skin effleurage), infrared therapy, leaky gut analysis, manual manipulation, moxibustion, nutraceuticals, qi gang, stoll analysis, tai chi, tui na and more.

    We provide patients with a variety of clinic options:
    •    One-on-one in-person or virtual visit appointments
    •    Community acupuncture clinic
    •    Auricular (ear) acupuncture clinic
    •    Group (shared) medical visits are coming soon

    A dedicated clinic for children who are displaced from home
    The goal of SIU Center for Family Medicine's Kids Health Harbor is to provide high-quality health care that is coordinated, continuous, and comprehensively provided by culturally competent health care professionals who are familiar with the mandates, obligations, and intricacies of the foster care system in Illinois.

    SIU Center for Family Medicine has a dedicated clinic for children who are displaced from home. Our goal is to provide a medical safety net for children that have experienced adverse childhood events and life disruptions. We aim to be a supportive member of a team that helps build resiliency and protective factors for vulnerable children and families.

    We provide patients with:

    •    Initial and comprehensive exams in a safe, pediatric friendly environment
    •    Holistic pediatric care delivered by trauma-informed staff
    •    Medical advocacy
    •    Improved communication with all members of the multidisciplinary team
    •    Care coordination with close follow up and wellness monitoring
    •    Continued care after permanency plan complete
    •    Focused transition plan to adult healthcare services
    •    Education and events

    Our clinic offers holistic care, including preventive health care, management of chronic health conditions and emotional support to patients in the LGBTQIA community.

    We also provide gender-affirming medical care for transgender individuals.

    We can help:
    • Gender Affirming Hormone therapy
    • Referral surgery to:
        •  Top surgery
        •  Bottom surgery
        •  Hysterectomy
        •  Orchiectomy
    • Physiological and emotional counseling
    • Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV
    • Primary care services
        •  Co-management with referring physician
        •  Preventive health services
        •  Cancer screening
        •  Routine physicals
        •  Immunizations
    • OB/GYN care
        •  Birth control
        •  Pregnancy testing and counseling
        •  Cervical cancer screenings
    • STI prevention and testing

    We are committed to providing you with high-quality, team-based care to support you in your recovery from trauma. We understand how emotional and mental health issues can affect your life and the lives of your loved ones. Our caring team is eager to work with you at our center, in your home, or assorted community locations. All services are free of charge. Walk-in or call us today, 217.545.7815.


    • Therapy
      • Individual, group and family
    • Psychiatry
    • Case management
    • Trauma-informed yoga


    • 5 years old and up
    • Reside in Sangamon County
    • Survivor of crime within past 3 years
      • Domestic violence (physical, emotional, financial)
      • Sexual assault and other physical assaults
      • Gang related or community violence
      • Human or labor trafficking
      • Kidnapping, stalking or harassment
      • Robbery, mugging, and/or burglary
      • Criminal motor vehicle accident (hit and run or DUI)
      • Lost a loved one to homicide