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    Our approach to primary care

    SIU Medicine is the largest multi-specialty physician group in the region, with nearly 300 full-time physicians and other medical professionals who provide world-class patient care that is both convenient and affordable. Our innovative care and training programs have been recognized by national and international medical associations and emulated by others. Some have interpreted the school’s mission as filling the region with primary care physicians. Certainly, the numbers support that: about half of our 3,000+ graduates have chosen primary care. And according to the Association for American Medical Colleges, SIU School of Medicine has the highest percentage of graduates in the nation practicing in rural areas, serving citizens who have limited medical resources. 

    SIU Medicine now includes the largest university-owned and administered Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) system in the U.S., which serves the region with 13 clinics in eight cities. We offer a gamut of services: comprehensive primary medical, dental and mental health care, the largest network of medically assisted treatment options for opioid use disorder, neighborhood assessments with community health workers and hot-spotting for comprehensive care of vulnerable and underserved populations 

    And because we are an academic medical community, SIU Medicine providers are not just skilled diagnosticians and healers. They’re also educating the next generation of specialists while conducting research that has the potential to improve lives and restore hope. 

    Whether caring for an infant new to the world or a senior with age-related issues, our primary care doctors can handle the full spectrum of our patients’ needs. 

    Specializing in primary care

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