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    Our approach to skin and cosmetic care

    Our dermatology experts treat a range of skin and cosmetic issues, including basal and squamous cell skin cancer, melanoma skin cancer, psoriasis, stubborn acne, excessive sweating, hair loss and vascular lesions. Because SIU Medicine is an academic medical community, our primary care providers and dermatologists also work closely with plastic surgeons and other health care professionals to treat skin disorders, minimize scarring and promote healing. SIU Medicine’s Division of General Internal Medicine, the Center for Family Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics work with patients to prevent and detect skin cancers as well as manage acne, warts, skin tags and other common concerns. 

    While SIU Medicine specializes in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic solutions, like Botox, eyelifts and breast augmentations, we truly shine in our ability to provide reconstructive and plastic surgery. The Institute for Plastic Surgery routinely cares for patients who have lost limbs, undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy, experienced significant burns or trauma, or were born with congenital anomalies

    Specializing in skin and cosmetic care

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