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Because SIU Medicine is an academic medical community, our providers aren’t just skilled diagnosticians and healers. They’re also training the next generation of specialists while conducting research that has the potential to change lives. As moms, daughters and sisters, women often take on many of the health care responsibilities. At SIU Medicine, we want to make decisions about your health and your health care easy and enjoyable. 

For women ready to begin or expand their families, our team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists, obstetricians and gynecologists, family medicine doctors and general internal medicine specialists collaborate to guide you safely through your pregnancy, from preconception to postnatal care. Our Fertility and IVF Center is also eager to make your dreams of having a family come true. As the experts in sexual health and wellness, SIU Medicine is home to one of the region’s most advanced fertility and IVF centers and the only certified sexual health counselor in downstate Illinois.

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Sexual health

Sexual health counselor Kaylie Caswell is the only certified sexual health counselor in central and southern Illinois. 

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