SIU Center for Family Medicine stands by TriCare members through contract negotiations

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We are honored that so many members of the military have chosen SIU Medicine as their provider of choice. We are also aware that many of our military families are covered by TriCare insurance. Unfortunately, TriCare made the decision to end its contract with our Federally Qualified Health Center, including the SIU Center for Family Medicine and Division of General Internal Medicine, earlier this year. Specific plans affected include TriCare Select and TriCare Prime.

Recognizing how important it is for our patients to continue being able to see their family medicine doctors, we are diligently working with TriCare to restore coverage and meet the needs of our community together. Until we can reach a new agreement, the SIU Center for Family Medicine and General Internal Medicine will continue serving all of their existing TriCare patients.

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