3 tips to calm back-to-school anxiety in elementary students, adolescents and teens

Feeling nervous about going back to school is common for students of all ages—whether first graders or college co-eds. But some kids experience intense anxiety that goes far beyond school season

Living with late summer and early fall allergies: Ways to manage your symptoms

When you hear the term "seasonal allergies," it's natural to think about springtime, which is when allergy symptoms start to ramp up for a lot of people. But for some of the 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 5

Choosing the right sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen outdoors throughout the year, and especially during the hot summer months, is an important lifestyle habit that can protect your skin and improve your health. When used as directed
Chrissie Albers with a patient

What is a Physician Assistant?

It’s a question I often get asked by my patients during my clinics at Family Medicine. The most straightforward answer is that Physician Assistants (PAs) are medical providers, like Nurse
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Helping farm families cope with loss

Experiencing loss isn't unique to the agricultural community. However, farmers and their families do experience unique types of loss that can be extremely stressful and have a profound effect on their

Important facts about facial fractures

Pop quiz: Do you know how many bones you have in your face? 14! Breaking one of these bones can be a traumatic and life changing. Seeking medical care after any trauma to the face is important to

5 hot tips for summer fitness

With longer days and warmer temperatures, the summer months are perfect for prioritizing your well-being by making time for some fresh-air fitness. Exercising outdoors benefits your health by giving

Getting an allergy test? Here's what to expect

As the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the United States, allergies affect about 50 million Americans each year. If you are trying to determine what you're allergic to, or if you're bothered

Breaking dementia’s stigma: What is Alzheimer’s and what can we do to help?

In recent years, the conversation around Alzheimer’s and dementia has shifted. While there is still progress to be made for the public's understanding of the disorder, there has been heightened