Stepping Up

Strengthen muscles and improve balance through exercise and dance.

The focus in Stepping Up is on fitness and fun and includes group movement to music and exercises, helping reduce fall risk in adults. Activities are designed to improve flexibility, strength, endurance and balance and are customized to each participant’s specific needs and abilities. Stepping Up is offered weekly. 

How can I participate?

Persons with memory loss are referred to Stepping Up through the Smith Alzheimer's Center's Memory & Aging Clinic. Criteria to participate in Stepping Up:

  1.  Must have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or other memory loss disorders.
  2.  A spouse or other care-partner who does not have memory problems must participate along with the person with memory loss.
  3.  Both persons must be able to walk on their own, even if they use a cane or other device.
  4.  Both persons must live in their own home or in supported living.
  5.  Both persons must commit to attending the vast majority of classes (once a week, see below) as well as to doing the home exercise routines together (twice a week).
  6.  Both persons must commit to an initial assessment appointment.
  7.  Both persons must be clear of health issues that may preclude involvement; have approval from their primary care doctor to participate.
  8.  Both persons must complete enrollment/assessment forms.


No cost to participate

There is no cost to participate. Funding is provided by the Smith Alzheimer's Center at SIU Medicine to provide intervention programs to help persons with memory loss live in their own homes for as long as possible.

Where is the program?

Space is provided by First Congregational United Church of Christ and Salvation Army.

For more information, contact: