Smith Alzheimer's Center materials hub

We have a number of informational materials that are available to download and print below. Just click on the topic or the corresponding icon to access the informational sheet on that topic. If you do not have a printer, and would like a printed sheet, these are also available in person at the Smith Alzheimer's Center as well.

If you are interested in other topics being made available, please reach out to and let us know.

Caregiving materials

Beyond the Medical Center programs

Other materials & infographics

Adapting activities for those with dementia

Staying active with dementia

2022 Smith Alzheimer's Center Facts and Figures

2022 Snapshot

Healthy foods & foods to limit

National Institute on Aging

From materials explaining the types of dementia in depth to legal and financial planning, the National Institute on Aging has a number of materials available for download from its website.