Building Moments

Build the next great moment, together.

Engage and keep the mind active through seriously fun play with LEGO bricks. This program is beneficial in that it scales with the person with memory loss. Whether they are in the early stages, or perhaps more advanced, Building Moments allows the person to build at their level.

There is an initial assessment to determine what kind of LEGO are appropriate for use. Each class starts out with a specific group build that helps build communication and teamwork, and then there is an opportunity to build a unique design, allowing those with memory loss to express themselves. Using STEM methods to help create tactile stories, both imagination and past memories can shine through in the program.

This program is not about following specific directions to build a complicated and exact set. Through inspiration, fun and engagement, Building Moments allows a person with memory loss to express themselves through creativity and control a creation of their own.

Who can participate?

Persons with memory loss are referred to the Building Moments through the Smith Alzheimer's Center at SIU Medicine. Caregivers are required to attend this program with their loved one.

When & where?

The program takes place Salvation Army on Clearlake Ave in Springfield. The class takes place monthly and is one hour long — email to learn more.

No cost to participate

Building Moments is offered without cost to participants. 

For more information, contact: