Dementia Caregiving 101

A program designed to equip family members and others for the caregiving role.

Join us for an educational series of what to expect when caring for those with dementia or memory loss. The series is eight weeks long — feel free to register for one session, or all eight. Each week explores different topics helpful in developing skills to caring for those with dementia, including effective communication strategies, addressing Alzheimer's behaviors, family dynamics, meaningful activities, planning for the future, and much more. This program is designed to equip family caregivers of individuals living at home.

This caregiver program will give you:

  • A better understanding of the disease
  • The skills to assess the abilities of the person with dementia
  • Strategies to manage the day‐to‐day care of the person with dementia, including personal care
  • The skills to take better care of yourself

No cost to participate

Classes are offered free of charge.

When are the sessions?

The next upcoming series will start July 31 at Lincoln Library in downtown Springfield (326 S 7th St). Follow this link to register for each individual week. Registration is required, as there is limited availability for in-person attendance.

To download a printable version of flyer below, click here.

In November, we are partnering with the Williamsville Public Library & Museum to bring three weeks of the class in 2023. Topics will include: Understanding Alzheimer's, behavior changes and communication strategies, and important lifestyle changes to improve your health and lower your risk of dementia. Registration will open soon, and a link will be provided here when available.

For more information, contact: