Tuition Waiver / Tuition Reimbursement Program



  • Civil Service Staff - Tuition waiver (graduate or undergraduate) is available to employees to attend State of Illinois-supported universities.
  • Principal Administrative Staff and Faculty - Tuition waiver is available to employees to attend SIUC and SIUE only.

Full-time employees are eligible for a maximum of six (6) hours of waiver per semester; permanent part-time employees are eligible for a waiver of the number of hours proportionate to their part-time rate of employment.  Eligible employees must be on active pay status at the beginning through the end of the academic term for which they are requesting tuition waiver.

Note:  The value of the tuition scholarship for graduate course work in excess of $5,250 annually (in a calendar year), may be reported as taxable wages on Form W-2.  These taxable wages are subject to tax withholding as required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for students whose positions are not specifically classified as teaching or research but as administrative or intern.

Illinois Public Universities Undergraduate Tuition Waivers - Children

50% tuition waiver is available for undergraduate education at Illinois public universities for eligible children, under age 25, of employees of public universities who have seven (7) or more years of total employment at 50% time or greater.

Subject to the eligibility requirements, the waiver may be utilized until such time as a total of 4 years of undergraduate 50% tuition waiver benefits have been expended in accordance with university procedures utilized to calculate tuition waiver limitations. Each individual University Board of Directors uses their own method to determine the four year maximum at their institution. Please check with the individual institution for their specific criteria, as it may vary.

Other tuition benefits may be available for dependent children of retirees, permanently laid-off employees, and surviving spouses and dependent children of deceased employees.




  • Civil Service and Principal Administrative Staff - Tuition reimbursement is available to employees who are enrolled at any other degree-granting institution not covered by the tuition waiver program.  The institution must be accredited and the coursework must be for credit; tuition for non-credit coursework will not be reimbursed.
  • Faculty - Tuition reimbursement is not available.

Permanent part-time employees will be eligible for reimbursement of a number of hours proportionate to their part-time rate of employment. Eligible employees must be on active pay status at the beginning through the end of the academic term.

The School will not reimburse fees or book purchases. Tuition/fees for professional schools are not reimbursable.

Request for tuition reimbursement must be made to Human Resource and approved before the class begins.  Upon course completion, employees shall submit specific required documentation as proof of passing course with a ‘C’ or better grade, tuition cost, and payment in order for reimbursement to be processed.

* Annual Salary of $35,000 or less, $200 maximum per credit hour, 16 credit hour maximum per fiscal year.
* Annual Salary of $35,001 or more, $150 maximum per credit hour, 12 credit hour maximum per fiscal year.

Note:  Some payments for tuition reimbursements may be reportable to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as taxable income.