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    We are excited about your interest in employment at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. SIU Medicine offers an exceptional benefits program to help meet our employees' diverse needs. This page will acquaint you with the fringe benefits you will be eligible to receive as an employee at SIU School of Medicine. If you would like additional information or answers to specific questions about any of the benefits outlined, please contact the Office of Human Resources at

    State of Illinois Benefits

    SIU (School of) Medicine employees and their dependents are offered a comprehensive benefits package, administered by the State of Illinois’ Department of Central Management Services (CMS). These include group health, vision, dental and life insurance options and flexible spending accounts. Employees of SIU Medicine are afforded all benefit offerings under the State Employees Group Insurance Program, including the choices of:

    Supplemental Long Term Disability

    Long-Term Disability (LTD) benefits cover up to 66.67% of monthly pre-disability earnings, up to a maximum monthly benefit of $12,000, in the event of a continuous disability. In addition to earnings supplement, the voluntary LTD plan includes catastrophic disability, critical illness and survivor benefits.


    State Universities Retirement System offers three plan types for their members:

    Traditional Pension
    • Historical SURS Defined Benefit retirement plan.
    • Provides lifetime retirement benefits and a survivor benefit at no additional cost.
    • The separation refund feature is not as generous as the Portable Pension Plan. 
    • The Traditional Pension Plan is also the default plan assigned to members who fail to choose a plan within six months of certification.
    Portable Pension
    • Defined Benefit retirement plan that has much in common with the Traditional Pension Plan.
    • Provides a more generous separation refund when participants leave the system.
    • The provisions for survivor benefits require reducing the retirement and death benefits.
    Retirement Savings Plan
    • The SURS Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) is a defined contribution plan. 
    • Members and the State of Illinois make contributions to the RSP account regularly.
    • With the RSP, members have choices to match retirement goals and investment styles.

    Paid Time Off

    • 13 paid holidays per year.
    • Three Administrative Closure Days during winter break.
    • Full- and part-time employees are eligible (part-time employees receive a proration of time off based on FTE).
    • Accruals begin upon hire and rates increase based on length of service.
    • Civil Service employees receive 12 days per year.
    • Faculty & Principal Administrative employees receive 43 days “granted” (afforded upfront) per year.
      • Term contract employees do not accrue additional days.
      • Continuing contract employees accrue 7.2 days per year in addition to the 43 granted days.
    • Full- and part-time employees are eligible (part-time employees receive a proration of time off based on FTE).

    Download an example of our vacation and sick day breakdowns, here

    Employee Assistance Program

    The Employee Assistance Program through ComPsych® affords free, confidential support for counseling services, financial planning, retirement planning and more.

    Education Benefits

    Tuition Waiver
    • Civil Service employees may receive waivers to attend State of Illinois-supported universities for undergraduate or graduate coursework.
    • Principal Administrative & Faculty may receive waivers for SIU Carbondale & SIU Edwardsville only.
    • A maximum of six credit hours may be waived per semester.
      • Permanent part-time employees deemed eligible for waiver will receive a waiver equal to a number of hours proportionate to their part-time rate of employment.
    • Child eligibility
      • Employee must work for a public university for 7 years or more at 50% employment or greater. 
        Child must be under the age of 25.
      • 50% tuition waiver maximum is a total of 4 years of undergraduate education.
    Tuition Reimbursement
    • Civil Service employees may be eligible for reimbursement when enrolled at any other degree-granting institution not covered by the tuition waiver program.
    • Permanent part-time employees deemed eligible for reimbursement will receive reimbursement equal to the number of hours proportionate to their part-time rate of employment.
    • Reimbursement Tiers:
      • Annual Salary = $35,000 or less: $200 per credit hour, up to 16 hours per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).
      • Annual Salary = $35,001 or more: $150 per credit hour, up to 12 credit hours per fiscal year.

    Employee Discount Program

    As extension employees of SIU Carbondale, SIU Medicine employees may take advantage of the SIUC Discount Program, offering cost savings on select travel, auto rentals, wireless service and more. 

    Flexible Schedules

    Many positions may accommodate hybrid or remote arrangements, providing increased flexibility and work-life balance while allowing for collaboration and teamwork in the physical office setting when necessary.

    MyBenefits Plus

    In addition to general benefits offered by the State, employees may take advantage of special programs and products through MyBenefits Plus, including identity theft protection, pet benefits, auto & home insurance, student loan refinancing, accident insurance and more.

    Additional Benefit Offerings

    403(b) Voluntary Retirement

    • Pre-tax benefits to maximize retirement savings and lower taxable income.
    • Four plans offered by SIU Carbondale.
    • Add, change or terminate savings deductions at any time.

    457(b) SURS Deferred Compensation

    • Pre-tax benefits to maximize retirement savings and lower taxable income.
    • Employees hired after 7/1/23 will be automatically enrolled in the State Universities Retirement System (SURS).
    • Deferred Compensation plan through Voya Financial at 3% contribution.
    • Add, change or terminate savings deductions at any time.

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