New Employee Onboarding

We are delighted you have chosen to pursue a career at Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine. This site is designed to give you more information regarding the onboarding process at SIU School of Medicine. The first days, weeks, and months at SIU School of Medicine will connect new employees with SIU School of Medicine's mission and culture.

As a member of the SIU Medicine team, you have a unique and important role in fulfilling our mission. We recognize and acknowledge that each employee brings a special talent and personality to his or her role and are confident they will not only contribute to our mission but will find pride in being a part of the School of Medicine.

Our Mission

The mission of SIU School of Medicine is to optimize the health of the people of central and southern Illinois through education, patient care, research and service to the community.

Learn more about SIU Medicine's vision, values and strategic plan.

About SIU Medicine

We are Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, a publicly assisted medical school focused on the health care needs of downstate Illinois. The school is part of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. For more than 50 years, the School of Medicine has been an international leader in medical education and a key player in the development of the regional academic medical center in Springfield, Illinois. 

Set amid the growing medical district, our mission is four-fold: education, patient-care, research and service to the community.  Our smaller, focused student experience is based on empathetic values and a philosophy of treating medicine as people, not diseases. Interactive hands-on training makes our graduates among the best-trained, most confident and skilled clinicians in the nation.

As an academic medical center, we train caring and competent health care providers, conduct innovative research and partner with organizations throughout Illinois to improve the health of the communities we serve.

With more than 300 teaching physicians and other medical professionals, SIU Medicine provides primary care and a variety of specialized diagnostic and treatment services, many of which are not available elsewhere in central and southern Illinois.   

What to Expect

After accepting an offer of employment, you'll receive an email with details about your job and orientation. You'll be asked to complete several documents prior to orientation. Make sure to bring those and any documentation listed in the email on your first day of employment.

First Day of Employment

During orientation,you're introduced to the SIU Medicine culture and what it means to be an SIU employee. Your onboarding team will provide you with materials to assist in understanding SIU School of Medicine policies, safety guidelines, work environment and benefits. You'll receive additional information during orientation about mandatory training sessions that must be completed at other specified times

First Few Days of Employment

Your first few days at SIU School of Medicine will consist of introductions to the people, processes, procedures and systems you will interact with, as well as work space and organizational structure. You will collaborate with Human Resources, your department and your direct manager during your first few days as an employee. 

Within the first few days of orientation, you'll gain access to SIU Medicine's digital workspace, The Hive. Here, you'll find valuable information to help you transition into your new role and the SIU  Medicine culture.

First Few Weeks of Employment

During the first few weeks of employment, you should:

  • Continue to learn about the departmental policies, procedures and practices for your new position

  • Expect periodic visits from your supervisor to answer any questions you might have and to provide guidance, as necessary

First Few Months of Employment

As you hit your 3- and 6-month anniversaries, you should begin to feel like you are becoming an integrated team member of SIU School of Medicine. Ongoing coaching and counseling is imperative to the success of our employees and to foster communication of goals and expectations to all employees. A structured performance evaluation process is in place in order to document both probationary and annual performance as well as to establish goals.



SIU Medicine offers an exceptional benefits program to help meet our employees' diverse needs. 

Paid Time Off and Holiday Time

A great benefit of working at SIU School of Medicine is the paid time off and the holiday schedule. Employees receive 13 paid holidays per year in addition to accrued paid time off. The holiday schedule is provided to new employees upon hire.


Employees have a range of opportunities to engage with councils, committees and volunteer activities at SIU School of Medicine. You’ll learn more about your peers and the assorted ways we try to promote the school’s missions.


SIU School of Medicine provides extensive computing resources for students, faculty, staff and individuals affiliated with the school.

Community Outreach

In support of our mission of providing service to the community, SIU School of Medicine coordinates a variety of community events where employees can get involved.

Casual Days for Charity

The first Friday of each month and each Friday during the month of December are designated as “Casual Dress Days for Charity.” Employees are requested to make a minimum donation of $2 towards a charity and in return will be allowed to dress casually for the day.

Blood drives

SIU School of Medicine hosts blood drives throughout the year.  Release time is given for employees to donate blood.

Adopt-a-School Partnership with Enos Elementary School

SIU School of Medicine has been enrolled in the Springfield Public School District #186 Partners in Education Adopt-a-School program since 1985. A volunteer committee of employees coordinate efforts each year to enrich the lives of students at Enos Elementary School.

Enos has kindergarten through fifth-grade students. Many of the children come from economically disadvantaged homes. The school is located at 524 West Elliott Street, two blocks northwest of SIU’s campus. Employees and students can volunteer in a number of ways:

  • Mentoring/tutoring
  • Faculty and staff read to individual students or classes. 
  • Make a donation at different times of the year for school supplies, clothing, coats or new reading books.
  • Assist with Shoes that Fit, a national program organized by SIU medical students to provide new athletic shoes for elementary students. Each year SIU medical students raise funds to outfit at least 75 students with new shoes and socks.