Interviewing for Civil Service jobs: Frequently asked questions

How are individuals referred for interviews?

After you pass an exam, your name will be placed on the active employment register for that job title, in order by score. When there is a vacant position for that specific title, an email will be sent to those on the register to inquire of their interest for that particular vacancy. Candidates who respond and indicate their interest are referred to the employing department for an interview in order of their ranking. The employing department is eligible to receive three candidates.

What is an employment register?

An employment register is simply a list of every candidate who has passed a civil service exam for a specific job title, in order by numerical exam score. Every Civil Service classification has a separate employment register.

If I am one of the candidates in highest standing on the register, how soon will I be contacted to interview?

The Office of Human Resources can not predict this; once candidates have been referred to the hiring department, they coordinate the scheduling of interviews based upon the interview teams' availability.

If I am contacted for an interview, where can I find a copy of the position description to review in preparation for the interview?

Go to, click on “Current Openings”. Log on to your account using your username and password. Click the “Positions For Which You Have Applied” link and view the job details for the corresponding vacancy. The link to the position description will be located in the “How To Apply” section.

If I decline an interview for a position, will it harm my chances for being contacted for other positions that are open?

No, it is our desire to make excellent job matches and we can only do this with your help. If you are contacted regarding an interview opportunity and you decide that you are not interested, you may turn down that interview without affecting your ability to be contacted for future vacancies within that classification.

If I need to cancel a job interview, who should I contact?

If you are unable to attend a scheduled job interview with a hiring department, you should contact the interviewing department. If you do not have the necessary contact information, please contact Human Resources at 545-1477.

After interviewing, I decided that the position is not for me. What should I do?

If you interview for a position and, after hearing more about that specific vacancy, determine that you are not interested in being considered for hire, please contact the interviewing department or the Office of Human Resources at 545-1477. Removing your name from the candidate pool for this vacancy will not impact your ability to be referred for future vacancies in that same classification; however, waiting until a hire decision is made and then declining the job offer may.