How to determine your skin type (and why it matters)

One of the most common questions I hear from patients is: "How do I know what my skin type is?" It's a great question. Knowing your skin type—oily, dry, normal, combination, or sensitive—helps you

What to expect: Your first mammogram

A mammogram—an X-ray picture of breast tissue—is a valuable tool that can screen for breast cancer. In many cases, mammograms can detect breast cancer even before a woman notices any symptoms. Early

What to expect: Your first visit to a speech-language pathologist

Has your pediatrician recently referred your child for a speech-language evaluation? Perhaps your child was recently diagnosed with a hearing impairment, or developmental difference, or maybe your

The climate’s effect on a farmer's mental health

Weather has always had a direct and important impact on the farming industry. But when the weather becomes wilder and changes in climate threaten to undermine a family farm's ability to stay in

Common seizure triggers and how to control them

When you or someone you care about has a health condition that can cause seizures, it is helpful to understand what factors can cause a seizure to happen. Providers at SIU Medicine encourage everyone

An evening skincare routine that works

As a dermatologist at SIU Medicine, I tell my patients that maintaining a consistent and personalized routine improves your skin's health, appearance and function—no matter what your skin type is

5 tips for keeping children safe on the farm

Did you know the majority of farms and farmland in the United States are operated by families? Small, family-run farms also generate just over a fifth of annual production, according to the U.S

FAQs about an OB-GYN visit

Throughout May, the Women's Health and Gynecology team at SIU Medicine has been celebrating Women's Health Month with our patients, colleagues and community. We're continuing the celebration by

A morning skincare routine that works

Because I’m an SIU Medicine dermatologist with a specific skin type (oily), you might think I use fancy and expensive products. The truth is my skincare routine is much simpler than what I tend to see