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Healthy ideas for a happy new year

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Someone once said “Time is funny stuff…you save it by spending it wisely.” Spend your time wisely by making sure your resolutions have purpose. The kind that offers you happiness, success, and fulfillment are going to be more realistic and obtainable for you. When thinking about changes to make for the New Year, focus on the behavior, rather than the outcome itself. Many people want to lose weight, but putting the effort into how to make that happen will have a better outcome. Resolutions should be actions that you are willing and able to change.

Here are some ideas to help you make resolutions that you can actually stick with:

  1. Pick only one resolution at a time. When you come up with a lengthy list, narrow it down by figuring out which one ignites you the most. Which one, if successful, would have the biggest positive impact on your life? Start there and remember that success increases confidence. You can build from there.
  2. Ask yourself “why?” Connect the resolution to deep, heartfelt motivators. Ask yourself why you want to do this and how would it benefit you? If you can’t come up with at least several strong motivators for change, then rethink if that resolution is really for you.
  3. Create action-oriented goals that state specifically how you will get it done. Break down large goals into small, more doable steps. Periodically review and revise your goals until you reach the desired outcome. Obstacles will happen, small steps can help push through obstacles more manageably.
  4. Be specific about your goals. If you make a goal to lose weight, tie it to some actionable steps. Specific goals will answer what, where, when and how much.  A goal such as, “I will lose 10 pounds by July 1 by exercising three times a week and bringing my lunch to work four times a week” is something you can visualize and track.
  5. Finally, get support. Lifestyle changes may seem pretty personal, but seek out someone you trust to help you along the way. The options these days are numerous, many websites and apps exist for virtual support, or look for group classes, seek out family, friends, co-workers to pair up and provide accountability.

The New Year can be a great time to make small changes that can last a lifetime. Remember, small steps can make big tasks manageable.

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