Ahmed Abbas, MD

Resident Physician

    About me



    Education & training

    Neurology Resident Physician
    Medical School
    University of Baghdad College of Medicine
    Resident Program
    Resident Graduation Year
    Baghdad, Iraq
    My wife and I like to hit the road and explore new places. I also like hiking and playing/watching soccer, reading and watching documentaries.
    Interests: Neuroimmunology, Neuroinfectious Diseases, General Neurology
    Why they chose SIU

    I joined SIU because I believed this program will prepare me for any kind of practice (general neurology vs subspecialty, private practice vs academia). Half-way through my training, I already can say I was not mistaken. As a community-based medical school partnering with two tertiary referral hospitals to serve small urban and rural communities, SIU provides the unique opportunity to care for a diverse patient population with exposure to a wide range of common and rare neurologic pathologies in addition to the opportunities to conduct research and participate in medical students teaching. Another big advantage to doing residency here is the city, Springfield. What makes it a great place to live is the affordability, safety, the nice people and the light traffic (having lived in large metro areas all my live and spent countless hours stuck in my car during rush hour, this is absolutely my favorite thing about this place).