Lung Volume Reduction Options for Emphysema: Surgical and Endobronchial Valves


    SIU Cardiothoracic Surgery offers evaluation and treatment for patients suffering from lung diseases with hyperinflation and air trapping such as emphysema and COPD. 

    A traditional surgical approach by bilateral lung resection, also known as lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS) involves the removal of damaged , diseased or otherwise non-functional lung tissues.

    Placement of endobronchial valves into lung airways allows trapped air to escape resulting in lung reduction without the surgical removal of lung tissue. 

    Patients referred to SIU Cardiothoracic Surgery may be screened and evaluated for the most appropriate and beneficial approach.   

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    Traves Crabtree, MD

    Cardiothoracic Surgeon Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cancer Care, General Surgery
    315 W. Carpenter St. 2nd Floor, Clinic C Springfield, IL 62702

    Stephen Hazelrigg, MD

    Cardiovascular Surgeon Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cancer Care
    315 W. Carpenter St. 1st Floor Clinic A Springfield, IL 62702

    Mackenzie Steen, PA-C

    Certified Physicians Assistant Cardiothoracic Surgery

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