Avéli™ Cellulite Treatment


    Avéli™ is a minimally invasive, one-time treatment designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

    Cellulite refers to dimpling of the skin, often around the buttocks or thighs, due to connective tissue bands/septa between the skin and muscle. Fullness of the subcutaneous fat may cause worsening of the dimpling. The Avéli™ procedure is a minimally-invasive treatment to permanently sever the specific septa under the surface of the skin causing the cellulite dimples. This outpatient procedure is done under local anesthetic.

    For most patients, there is little to no downtime. Possible side effects include mild pain, bruising, or tenderness on the day of treatment, which typically resolves within a month. Once any bruising or swelling subside, patients should see some results immediately and full results in 1-3 months post-procedure.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Avéli™

    Avéli™ is a minimally invasive procedure performed by a trained physician that delivers a meaningful reduction in cellulite dimples on the buttocks and thighs in a single in-office visit. Avéli is the first and only cellulite procedure that allows a physician to identify and release the bands under the skin (called septa) that cause cellulite dimples with a real-time confirmation of release.

    If you are a woman looking for a visible reduction in cellulite dimples from a single, minimally invasive in-office procedure, Avéli could be for you! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Sommer to determine if you are a candidate.

    Avéli is a procedure that treats the septa bands causing cellulite dimples from the inside-out. It is not a procedure that addresses other concerns often seen alongside cellulite, such as laxity or pockets of fat.

    Avéli is designed to be a single, in-office procedure. During a single procedure Dr. Sommer can fully address the dimpled cellulite targets on both your buttocks and thighs.

    A typical Avéli procedure will take around an hour, including local anesthesia and the procedure itself. Exact timing will vary depending on your personalized procedure plan from Dr. Sommer.

    Little to none. In the clinical study, most patients returned to normal activities within 24-48 hours.

    In the clinical study, the most common side effects reported were mild pain within the first 24 hours and bruising and tenderness to the touch which typically resolved within 30 days. Small areas of firmness, usually not visible or painful, typically resolved in a couple of months.

    It is recommended to avoid any strenuous activities or workouts in the first few days/weeks after the procedure to allow the area to heal.

    The results of your Avéli procedure should be visible once swelling and bruising subside. By one month post-procedure you should start to see the effects of the procedure.

    Participants in the clinical study demonstrated a reduction in the appearance of their cellulite when assessed at three months after the procedure. Study participants will continue to be followed through 12 months post-procedure.

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