Video Communication Services

Finding Better Ways to Collaborate and Educate

SIU School of Medicine TeleHealth and Video Services offers several options for easily collaborating and communicating across campus, throughout the state and around the world. We specialize in connecting you with your meeting or event through the use of cutting edge videoconferencing technology.

  • Room-based Conferencing – Videoconferencing systems are installed in many rooms throughout the SIU Campuses. These collaboration spaces range from small sized rooms that host a few people to large auditoriums that can hold nearly 100 people. State of the art equipment offers users of these systems high definition video and content/screen sharing capabilities.

  • Computer-based Videoconferencing – We offer high-definition audio-video conferencing from anywhere in the world through the use of our web-application video conferencing system. A computer equipped with a web-cam, speakers and a microphone is all that is required.

  • Mobile Videoconferencing - For users on the go we offer the capability to connect to any of our video conferences from a mobile device running either IOS or Android.

Technical Support Center

Our staff of audio/visual and communications professionals are available during business hours to provide assistance with technical support, scheduling, site assessments, testing and assisting with solutions to your video communications needs. For questions about our services call us at 217-545-8600.

For additional testing or other video communications needs contact us today and one of our technical specialists will help you get connected.