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School Physicals

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Now is the time to schedule your child’s back-to-school physical. Make an appointment with your primary care provider today.

Who needs a school physical?

  • Children who are new to the state of Illinois: Regardless of age, if your child will be attending school in Illinois for the first time they must turn in a physical exam before entering school for the first time. 
  • Children entering these grades: Early childhood, kindergarten or first grade (if the first year in school), sixth grade, and ninth grade.

Please be aware that a child's athletic physical exam does not meet the sixth or ninth-grade physical exam requirements. If your child will participate in a school sporting event, have your doctor complete a sports physical at the same time as your child's physical exam. 

School physicals
School physicals
School physicals

When is the deadline for my child’s physical?

The deadline for physicals varies by each school district. Make sure to check with your child’s school, especially if you are new to the district or state.

State law requires students who do not have either the health exam or required vaccines o be excluded from school until all vaccines and the health exam are completed. Please check with your district for no later than dates.

If your child has had a physical recently, check with your pediatrician’s office to get the right forms. The exam must be completed no earlier than a year (365 days) prior to the start of attendance at an Illinois school.

Where can we get school physicals?

Make an appointment with your child's healthcare provider. If you don't have a provider SIU Medicine can schedule you with a physician who can complete the physicals. 

There are also community groups that offer clinics for back-to-school-related health care during the summer. 

School physicals

Helpful links

Children entering kindergarten, 6th grade and 9th are required to have updated immunizations and a school physical. Below is the form from IDPH:

Students who participate in sports at the middle school or high school level are required to have a sports physical exam. The exam is vailed for one year and cannot expire during the child's time in a sport. Below are the forms from IDPH:

For children entering kindergarten, 2nd grade and 6th grades a school dental exam/waiver is required. See more below to complete the forms:

If your child is entering kindergarten a vision exams/waivers is required.