Interested in Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is a diverse surgical specialty which combines the use of key surgical principles with creativity to solve problems. Here at SIU, the Plastic Surgery team performs a broad range of procedures from head to toe including both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.  The American Society of Plastic Surgery writes a brief overview of how the field of Plastic Surgery originated and what it entails, which can be found here


If you are a medical student who believes you might be interested in Plastic Surgery, we encourage you to reach out to our program coordinator, Naya Jackson, our faculty, and our residents and ask questions.  We are happy to help you in this journey through exposure to the field of plastic surgery, involvement in research opportunities, and/or answering questions about the path to plastic surgery.


For students interested in Plastic Surgery, it is prudent that you begin familiarizing yourself with the American Counsel of Academic Plastic Surgeons (ACAPS) webpage which includes resources for medical students who are interested in Plastic Surgery. This website contains official information about the Plastic Surgery Application Process.  A link to the ACAPS website can be found here.).


There are different pathways to Plastic Surgery. ACAPS has provided a webpage that goes into detail about these pathways, which can be accessed here.