SIU Medicine and Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services now connecting COVID-19+ people at home with pandemic health workers

Finding out you have COVID-19 can be an unsettling experience that can add to fear, confusion, and anxiety to physical symptoms. To make things more challenging, the required period of quarantine can

Tips to make halloween a treat

Are your children looking forward to Halloween? It's been a long year, so dressing up, trick or treating, and enjoying some candy can be a great stress relief for the whole family. But with the

Breast reconstruction awareness day & breast cancer awareness month for October

SIU Medicine joins other organizations and families around the country in celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month during October. We're doing our part to spread awareness about this leading

Why it's important to get the flu shot this year (and every year)

Do you and your family get the flu shot every year? It's a simple, affordable and safe way to boost your family's protection and reduce the risk of spreading the flu, which costs the United States

Why you should incorporate apples into your diet this fall

I honestly love all things fall, especially this year, when it means the long COVID-restricted summer of 2020 is over. When I was a student, fall was my favorite time of year because I knew I’d be
COVID-19 Testing Vials

Cold, flu and COVID season

Did you know cold and flu season in America could last as long as October through May? With the season’s arrival, it is clear that the coronavirus pandemic has made things quite a bit different this

Take heart: know the warning signs of cardiovascular disease (CVD)

World Heart Day is September 29. SIU Medicine encourages you to celebrate World Heart Day with some simple but effective acts to improve your health. Schedule a check-up with your doctor, do something

Prostatitis and prostate cancer

SIU Medicine attracts some of the area’s most highly trained physicians in a range of medical fields, including urology. Among the many services our urology staff provides, prostate health screenings

Understanding PCOS: signs, causes, and treatment

Have you heard of polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS for short? This condition affects a surprising number of women of childbearing age—about 1 in 10, in fact. However, even younger girls can be