Diabetes causes, complications, symptoms & treatment

What is diabetes? Diabetes is a condition of high blood sugar, also called glucose. There are two major types of diabetes. Patients with type 1 diabetes fail to make insulin, the hormone that moves

Patient spotlight: using telehealth to review test results

Some patients may bristle at the suggestion of a doctor’s visit through a video screen, but not Sergio “Satch” Pecori. When his SIU Medicine cardiologist, Dr. Abhishek Kulkarni, suggested a televisit

What is gastroparesis? Things you didn't know about this digestive condition

Gastroparesis isn't one of the most common health conditions around—about 10 men and 40 women out of 100,000 people have it. But it can be life-altering to anyone who has it. The gastroenterology team

5 great things to know about hand washing

Hand washing and hand hygiene have become big news since the COVID-19 pandemic—and with good reason! It’s been known since the mid-1800s that hand washing is important for preventing the spread of

What is seasonal affective disorder?

When the seasons shift from summer to fall, many people feel excited, refreshed and eager for a change. But for some people, the changing season can bring on unexpected feelings of despair that go

Protecting your people, a clean kitchen and food safety

As the Holidays approach, our thoughts are of celebration, friends and family, and the usual question of what to serve? We carefully choose our gathering site, festive decor and mouthwatering menu

Keeping the holidays bright during a global pandemic

A year ago few would have predicted we'd be spending the 2020 holiday season deep in the midst of a pandemic, yet here we are. Fortunately, this doesn't mean we can't find ways to enjoy the holidays

Partnering with our rural and agricultural neighbors: SIU offers support through the farm family resource initiative

Nearly every industry in our community has felt the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The farming and agriculture industry in Illinois is certainly no exception. According to the U.S

Caring for someone with COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stressful time for us all—and especially for anyone who has seen or will see a loved one fall ill. And while most people who contract COVID-19 experience only mild