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Web Privacy Notice

SIU HealthCare maintains a Web server under the domain of siuhealthcare.org. This notice serves to inform users and SIU HealthCare Web professionals about specific privacy practices employed by  SIU HealthCare.

SIU HealthCare uses its Web presence to further the mission of  SIU HealthCare and is committed to respecting the privacy of Web visitors. Personal information will only be released when it is authorized by law; is permitted under SIU HealthCare or Southern Illinois University policies; or is clearly stated in a website that information may be shared, and the user indicates consent by providing the information. Personal information provided by e-mail or other online means, such as a request for information, is used only for the purposes of serving that request. Inquiries or comments may be redirected to the person or unit best suited to responding to the request.

SIU HealthCare's Web server automatically collects information on the Internet address of the user's computer, browser type, operating system, and Web pages visited. This information is used in aggregate to understand how visitors use its website. SIU HealthCare strongly discourages the inclusion in server logs of information that could identify individual users.

Specific pages within the SIU HealthCare website may adopt different privacy notices, as their specific needs require. Differing privacy notices must be posted on the pages that have adopted them. Any such notices cannot supersede applicable federal or state laws or regulations, SIU HealthCare or Southern Illinois University policies.

SIU HealthCare is committed to fully complying with the State Agency Web Site Act (Public Act 093-117) which became effective January 1, 2004. This act restricts the use of "cookies" (small pieces of data stored by a Web browser on a user's computer). Transactional (non-permanent) cookies may be used to facilitate business transactions. Permanent cookies may not be used unless:

  1. The use of permanent cookies adds value to the user otherwise not available.
  2. The permanent cookies are not used to monitor and track website viewing habits, unless all types of information collected and SIU HealthCare's use of same adds user value and are disclosed through a comprehensive Web privacy statement.

SIU HealthCare has put into place security mechanisms to safeguard the integrity of its communications and computing infrastructure, including but not limited to authentication, monitoring, auditing, and encryption.

The SIU HealthCare website has links to other websites. When a user leaves the SIU HealthCare website and visits another website, the privacy policy of that website governs its use. SIU HealthCare is not responsible for the content of such websites or their privacy practices.

If users have any questions about this privacy notice or any information gathered through an official SIU HealthCare website, they should contact webmaster@siumed.edu. If users wish to review or change information gathered about them through an official SIU HealthCare website, they may contact the Webmaster who will assist them in locating the person responsible for that site so that they may make their request for that review or change directly with the appropriate person. 

October 10, 2015