Gender Affirmation Surgery


    Gender affirmation surgery involves several surgical treatments for the transitioning patient. The plastic surgeons at SIU Medicine offer a variety of procedures to help each patient based on the patient's goals.

    Female-to-Male (FTM) or Transman Surgeries

    • Transmasculine top surgery
      • Chest surgery 
    • Transmasculine bottom surgery 
      • Phalloplasty
      • Metoidioplasty

    Male-to-Female (MTF) or Transwoman Surgeries

    • Transfeminine top surgery
    • Transfeminine bottom surgery or Vaginoplasty
      • Body contouring

    Our providers


    Michael Neumeister, MD

    Department of Surgery Chair Plastic Surgery
    747 N. Rutledge Street 3rd Floor Springfield, IL 62702

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