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The breadth and depth of our expertise provide you with research-backed answers to your toughest questions.

For SIU Medicine, academic medicine is at the core of who we are. Academic medicine means being curious about the problems that impact areas like ours and figuring out how to fix them. It means we bring together the best of the best and ensure those great minds work together to serve you, close to home. 

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Collaborator. Confidant. Colleague.

Care areas

SIU Medicine is home to dedicated, purposeful problem solvers who specialize in the health of this diverse community. Our health care teams provide services in multiple medical specialties, including the following: 

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Partnerships that power health care and the community.

SIU Medicine’s mission is rooted in partnerships that extend across hospitals and clinics in Central and Southern Illinois. For more than 50 years, SIU Medicine has fostered powerful regional partnerships to bring you health care when and where you need it. These partnerships allow us to advocate for your care in ways no other health system can.

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champion. supporter. friend.

At SIU, we believe that the best health care means even more than clinical excellence. So our patients not only get exceptional medicine, the newest technology, the brightest minds. They also get someone who cares about them, champions their lives, and our community. We know that the journey to good health isn't taken alone. So we make sure our patients never are.