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COVID-19 Press Release: March 18, 2020

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COVID-19 Update: March 18, 2020
This is a daily joint communication from the Sangamon County Department of Public Health (SCDPH) along with Memorial Health System, HSHS St. John’s Hospital, Springfield Clinic and SIU Medicine updating you on the status of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Sangamon County. This communication will come at approximately 6 p.m. each day as necessary.
At the time of this press release, the total number of confirmed cases between our five organizations continues to be four.
Currently, one of those patients is at Memorial and three of them are now at their homes.
Memorial Health System has eight inpatients currently under investigation.
St. John’s has nine inpatients currently under investigation.
Two of the total confirmed cases are Sangamon County residents and Sangamon County has 30 outstanding tests.
*The discrepancy between total number and SCDPH number is created because the hospitals are caring for patients from outside counties and at multiple locations, and because some of the tests are being done by independent labs, rather than by IDPH/SCPHD.
“Hearts for Healthcare” Spread the LOVE.
Our healthcare organizations have received a lot of support already during this health crisis in our community and some have asked what they can do to further support us. One thing that could make a strong impact is if residents could consider printing out the 8.5” X 11” heart that we’ve attached to this update and place it on their front doors or in their front windows. As our healthcare workers drive into work each morning or evening, they will see these hearts on their way in to the hospitals, the clinics and the health department.
Please ask residents to print out, display and then share on social media with the hashtag, #heartsforhealthcare.


  • Patient Screening outside of Emergency Departments: Both Memorial Health System and HSHS St. John’s have established respiratory screening centers. It is important for the public to understand how to properly access these locations and what they should expect as a part of that care. Patients will undergo a series of screening questions and will only be tested for COVID-19 should it be deemed necessary because of the screening.
  • As an added protection measure our healthcare organizations will be adding screening protocols at all our locations. If you are entering a healthcare facility, please expect to be stopped for screening and allow yourself a few extra minutes to get to your appointment. This screening may include several questions and a quick temperature check. We ask that you please be patient during this process as we work through the best ways to keep everyone healthy and safe.
  • If residents have questions as to whether their doctor appointments or procedures have been cancelled, please ask the residents to check with their provider

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