How to exercise summer-style

Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM) views the body as part of the animal kingdom and subject to the rhythms of nature. Whether you believe in evolution or intelligent design, our bodies were developed to

Treatments for a cleft lip and palate

One in sixteen hundred. That’s how often babies are born with a cleft lip and a cleft palate in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While having a child

Is your mask irritating your skin? Avoiding “maskne”

Because of COVID-19, people are using face masks more than ever. The intention is good—to prevent people from unknowingly passing the virus to others and to prevent people from getting sick. But there

A hidden danger of cookout season

As the summer cookout season heats up, here’s a cautionary tale about a potential danger of cleaning your grill. On a warm June evening in Springfield, the Keuchlers – Candi, William and 5-year-old

Benefits of working with a hospitalist

At SIU Medicine, we’re proud to attract some of the nation’s leading experts, thinkers and innovators in the health and medical field. All of our providers and physicians are highly vetted, well

‘Something’s stuck in my ear!’ - What parents need to know

The current pandemic is giving parents a golden opportunity to spend more time with their children and help them with things like school work and chores, or share in their favorite recreational

What is osteopathic medicine?

Do you know what a DO is? Similar to an MD, a DO is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine ─ a board certified physician who completed extensive training including four years of medical school and 3-7 years

Can children get UTIs?

Think urinary tract infections (UTIs) only affect women and older adults? It may surprise you to learn that as many as 3 percent of girls and 1 percent of boys experience a UTI by age 11, according to

What does traditional asian medicine recommend on how to stay cool and hydrated in summer?

No one wants to be a victim of heat-related illnesses when you’re out in the sun and having a great time. The good news is that with planning and preparation it is easy to avoid overheating and