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Aida Adlimoghaddam

Get to know Aida Adlimoghaddam, PhD

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Aida Adlimoghaddam, PhD, joins the Hascup lab team at the Smith Alzheimer's Center in 2023 as a Research Assistant Professor. Most recently, she was the Senior Research Associate and Clinical Scientist at St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre in Winnipeg, Canada.

What sparked your interest in research?

As an undergraduate student, I developed a deep passion for biological sciences and discovered the vast array of research opportunities within the field. 

However, what truly fueled my interest in Alzheimer's research was a personal connection. My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and endured several years of struggle before succumbing to the illness. Witnessing the toll this disease took on my grandmother, as well as her friends and family, left a lasting impact on me.

What are your major focus areas in the realm of Alzheimer’s research?

Given the absence of a cure for Alzheimer's disease, there remains a pressing need for new medicines and therapeutic strategies. As a result, my primary goals revolve around the development of innovative therapeutic approaches that can effectively prevent, slow down, and potentially cure Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative disorders.

To achieve this, I am exploring the potential use of mitochondria as a novel therapeutic “medicine.” Additionally, I aim to investigate the possibility of repurposing existing FDA approved drugs to target amyloid plaques, tau tangles, and inflammatory pathways associated with Alzheimer's and related neurodegenerative conditions.

What interests you outside of the lab?

First and foremost, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Kyle, experiencing different cultures, through the exploration of new places both locally and abroad. I also really enjoy a good yoga session, watching a new movie, biking, hiking, skating, having a game night, camping/enjoying food and company outside around a fire.
What will you miss about Canada, and looking forward to with Illinois?

I will truly miss the convenience of gathering with friends and family. The thought of no longer being able to wake up and enjoy a skate along the longest natural river trail in the world, located in Winnipeg, will be a loss. However, I cannot deny that I will not miss enduring the extreme cold that encompasses nearly five months of the year in that region.

The prospect of experiencing four distinct seasons, forging connections, and immersing myself in unfamiliar traditions in Illinois is something I eagerly anticipate.

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