Urological Surgical Procedures, Robotic

Robotic urological surgical procedures are those surgical procedures performed on the male and female urinary system and organs with the use of robotic assistance. Robotic surgery allows physicians to perform these procedures with more precision and control than may be achievable through conventional surgery, and is especially useful in accessing increasingly small or remote areas of the body.

Minimally invasive surgery is known for quick recovery time, shorter hospital stays and small incisions (1-2cm) compared to traditional open surgery. Using the da Vinci robot we offer patients more opportunities for a faster recovery. The da Vinci robot provides our surgeons the ability to control robotic arms with 360 degrees of mobility, seven degrees of freedom, while looking through a camera with three dimensional and high definition images. This technology allows more procedures to be performed via minimally invasive techniques, so patients experience a quicker recovery, faster return to normal activities, shorter hospital stay, less pain, less scarring, and fewer surgical complications.