Aortic Valve Disease


    Aortic valve disease is a condition in which the valve between the main pumping chamber of your heart and the aorta doesn't work properly. It may be a condition that is present at birth, or may develop as a result of other causes.

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    Anthony Grasch, PA-C

    Certified Physician Assistant Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cancer Care
    315 W. Carpenter St. 2nd Floor, Clinic C Springfield, IL 62702

    Christopher Lawrance, MD

    Cardiothoracic Surgery

    Lauri Lopp, MD

    Family Medicine
    520 N. 4th St. Springfield, IL 62702

    Paula Mackrides, DO

    Family Medicine
    612 N. 11th St. Quincy, IL 62301

    William S. Stevens, Jr., MD

    Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cancer Care
    619 E. Mason St. 5th Floor Springfield, IL 62701

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