Free Hearing Seminar - Communicate with Confidence

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 4:30pm


Dove Conference Center at Prairie Heart Institute | 619 E. Mason Street | Springfield, IL | 62701



•    How treating hearing loss can improve your health, relationships and enjoyment in listening.
•    What to look for in selecting the best hearing aid technology and service provider for your specific needs.
•    The benefits of smart hearing technology that adapts to you, is simple to use and affordable.


•    The latest advancements in technology for a more comfortable fit, small slim design and the ability to hear speech more naturally.
•    New features so you can engage in conversation, even when noise levels get high.
•    Taking a phone call or streaming music, audiobooks or podcasts from your iPhone without wires.

To register for this event call 217-545-8000

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