Resident Clinic

Resident Clinic is an invaluable way to use the skills they’ve learned to devise their own plans for patients based on the patients' needs, to carry out those plans in the operating room or clinic, and develop autonomy in a safe environment for both patients and residents.

The residents have Botox and filler skills sessions. During this time, Dr. Nicole Sommer and the chief residents coach the junior residents on how to use injectables.  When residents feel comfortable with injectables, they are able to participate in twice-weekly Resident Injection.  Dr. Sommer is always available for advice during Resident Injection Clinic.

As residents enter their 5th and 6th (chief) years, patients can schedule clinic appointments for Resident Cases. Resident Cases are planned, discussed, and performed by residents under Dr. Sommer's supervision.

Resident Clinic gives residents the autonomy they need to become confident surgeons prior to graduation while providing safe care for our patients under Dr. Sommer’s supervision.