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    Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU practices “the team approach” to cancer treatment. Our team – the surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, genetic counselors, therapists, nurses and medical staff – meet together to decide the best treatment plan when you or your family member receives a cancer diagnosis.

    Types of cancer

    •    Anal cancer
    •    Breast cancer
    •    Colon cancer
    •    Gastrointestinal cancer
    •    Genitourinary cancer
    •    Gynecologic cancer
    •    Head and Neck cancer
    •    Kidney cancer
    •    Lung cancer
    •    Leukemia
    •    Lymphoma
    •    Myeloma
    •    Neurologic/Oncology
    •    Prostate cancer
    •    Rectal cancer

    Overall cancer care

    At SIU Medicine, hematology and oncology housed within Simmons Cancer Institute. The team here is dedicated to supporting our patients through their cancer journey. At Simmons Cancer Institute, we practice the team approach to cancer care. This means that our patients’ cancer treatment plans are formed collectively by our team of oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, counselors, and chemotherapy certified medical staff. These plans are tailored to each patient. The multidisciplinary team approach to patient treatment provides a higher quality of care for both the patient and their families.

    Commitment to our patients is strengthened through our participation in clinical trials and basic science research. Clinical trials test or compare new treatments with current standard treatments, to find better ways to prevent, screen, diagnose and treat cancer. Basic science researchers work toward discoveries in cancer biology that will further lead to better detection, treatment, and prevention options in the future. The combination of the team approach with research advancements leads to improved care for our patients and their families.

    Our multidisciplinary team of oncologists and health care professionals care for a wide variety of cancer cases and treatments for patients in central and southern Illinois. Each member of our cancer care team brings their expertise to different aspects of the patient’s disease process and treatment options.

    Head & Neck Cancer Clinic

    Head and neck cancer is treated by a multidisciplinary team of experts at Simmons Cancer Institute's Head and Neck Cancer Clinic.
    Treatment options include either one or more of the following, depending on the cancer:
         - Surgery
         - Radiation therapy
         - Chemotherapy
         - Targeted therapy and immunotherapy

    What to expect

    When seen in the clinic, patients may undergo flexible laryngoscopy, which is a painless procedure to examine the throat using a scope passed through the nose. If a biopsy has not already been performed, this may be performed in clinic using local anesthetic (numbing medication).

    Every head and neck cancer patient is discussed at the multidisciplinary tumor board, which includes our cancer experts who specialize in head and neck cancer. After this discussion, our team will discuss treatment recommendations with the patient.


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